Anti-Shackling Event @GSU : The Shackling of Female Prisoners in Labor

BlackOUT will be collaborating with Community Activist and Organizer, Campbell Bianca of Spark Reproductive Justice Center to bring the issue of Shackling of Female Inmates during Labor to Georgia State’s Campus. We would like to build a coalition of student organizations on and off campus to support and promote this event at Georgia State. We are asking for monetary sponsorship but Spark Reproductive Justice would be welcoming of any donations for the cause. The event will be free and held on Georgia State Campus.

We see shackling as a physical, institutional manifestation of how many bodies are policed. Queer, people of color, female, differently abled bodies, bodies in poor communities and bodies behind bars have been targets for a long time. There is currently a bill in House that will end this practice, so now is the time to speak out and support these mothers!

On Feb 13(14, or 15), BlackOUT and other groups will lend our voices and support to these women. The discussion explores shackled childbirth, including the medical affects, and allows folks from across movements to share how their bodies have been harassed.

Organizations of Georgia State, Lets come together in bringing Awareness to Georgia State’s Campus.


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