Response: Michelle Obama’s Portrayal as an “Angry Black Woman”

The stereotype of the “Angry Black Woman” is used to justify and validate the unjust treatment of Black women in the U.S. This controlling image implies that U.S. Black women’s anger deviates from what is culturally acceptable, due to being biologically inferior (being born of the wrong sex and the wrong race, Black and female) or due to being culturally inferior (as a consequence of Black Culture deviating from the white “mythical norm”). By making this assumption, Black women’s anger becomes regarded as invalid and dismissed. The stereotype of “Angry Black Woman” assumes that there is no reason for the Black Woman in the U.S. to be angry. That anger is a deviant behavior due to inferiority. By doing this, we ignore the realities of racist and sexist inequality that exists here within the United States. 

The stereotype of the “Angry Black Woman” serves to mark the cries of Black women across the U.S. as illegitimate.

By further acknowledging this controlling image as valid, we ignore the oppression and obstacles faced by women of color daily. The stereotype of “Angry Black Woman” serves the Patriarchal and White Supremacist agenda to suppress the legitimate cries of Black Women, relieving America of it’s responsibility to this particular group of oppressed people. It also serves Black men who sit at the table of Male Privilege and Male dominance within a patriarchal society. 

Black Men who affirm the validity of the controlling image of the “Angry Black Woman” used to deem the cries, hurt, and anger of Black women as irrelevant and unjust, become apart of a interracial sexist alliance that persists in the emotional, social, political, psychological, and oppressive “gang-rape” of Black womanhood.

author: Dean Steed


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